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It’s not a paycheck that drives employees.

Make your company competitive, attract talent, lower employee turnover, and keep employees for more than 6 months. Discover a unique perspective with workforce solutions that are unavailable elsewhere. Learn how to:

  •  Brand & Evolve Talent

  •  Create A Connected Workforce

  •  Revolutionize Benefits

Workforce Solutions 

For Business

For Individuals

Attract employees from the moment you post a job opening, retain them with personalized onboarding, and grow expertise with culture. Gain loyalty with family-based benefits and give support when you have to let them go.

Boost confidence in your skills and experience. Tell your story, increase your brand, and negotiate better pay and benefits. Grow your expertise with tools and techniques to create opportunities and accelerate your career goals.

  •  Personalized Career Onboarding

  •  Learning By Culture Series

  •  Family Matters Program

  •  Professional Brand Support

  •  Career Blueprint

  •  Professional Profile (Resume,   Infographics, LinkedIn + more)

  •  Intelligent Network 

Learn How To STAND OUT


Brand Story

"Corporate Chameleon"

Dee comes from the Caribbean, with roots in India and Europe. She moved to the Big Apple when she was 4 and became a Georgia Peach in her 20s. Dee taps into her cultural background to help companies succeed by investing and growing their #1 asset–people. She not only invests in people, but she is one of them. She can bridge the gap and open a conversation with everyone.

As the founder of DASH-US, Dee has 25 years of proven experience in start-ups, consulting, and corporate. She has served in business and technology leadership roles for Fortune 100/500 companies across financial services, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, human capital, and automotive industries. She has started her own businesses in tourism, real estate, and restaurant industries with global trade and exchange.

Her diverse background of culture and work experience across domains and industries offers a unique perspective in creating and offering workforce solutions.

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